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Some Retired Chi Girls!

GCH H&H's Annabella sired by Int. CH. H&H Sampson and out of Erika's Foxy Lady.


Dam of Number One, Best of Variety at Westminister Gold Grand CH. H&H Hotrod

GCH H&H's The Devil Wears Prada sired by CH. H&H's Stuart Little and out of Erika's Foxy Lady.


Dam of  CH.  H&H's Chimmy Changa

               GCH H&H Fendi

               CH.  H&H GoDiva @ Regalchi

               Major Pointed H&H Roady Roadter

               Major Pointed H&H Tigress

H&H Black Velvet


sired by GCH H&H's Oscar Wilde

out of H&H Rosita

Ch. H&H's Pandora - Blue Merle spotted on white smooth coat. 

Sire:  GCH La Casa's Cassanova at H&H

Dam:  H&H's Sapphire

Ch. H&H's Penelope

Sire: H&H's Red Hot Chili Pepper!

dam:  H&H Sapphire


Full sister to International Champion H&H Sampson.

Ch. H&H Angel

Sire: Ch Val-Lee's Chips Ahoy

dam:  H&H Chablis

Lilac Acres Bella Luna @ H&H

Sire: GCH GT's Army of Juan at Vista

dam:  CH Lilac Acres's Little Twilight

Dam of CH. H&H Hotrod Lincoln

H&H's Rosa Parks

sired by H&H's Red Hot Chili Pepper! 

out of H&H's Angel. 


Got her first major her first weekend showing at 6 months!

H&H Annie Oakley

Sire: H&H's Red Hot Chili Pepper

dam:  H&H Dottie Dot

H&H's Rumour Has It!


sired by CH. H&H's Stuart Little

out of H&H's Rosita

Dam of CH H&H Red Hot '57 Chevy

H&H Amber


sired by GCH La Casa's Cassanova @ H&H

out of H&H Sapphire

Dam of CH H&H Adele

Dam of CH H&H Topaz

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